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From March 5 to 11, 2023

Number of places limited to 100 participants



A unifiying edition

The 2023 Winter edition will take place on the tip of Gaspé Peninsula, in the magnificent Forillon Park, passing by the mythical Percé Rock and the every year participants ‘coup de coeur’, Coin-du-Banc Beach.

« La TDLG, c’est un périple où le sport est le prétexte unificateur pour une célébration de la vie sous toutes ses formes »

Thierry Pietry


From March 5 to 11, 2023

Come explore the tip of Gaspésie and experience a week filled with unforgettable adventures! Between cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, you will discover breathtaking landscapes. Taste traditional dishes, enjoy relaxing treatments on reservation.

Participate in the “Babiche et Bikini” activity in a small group, which combines snowshoeing and spa. Join a passionate team for a week full of discoveries and emotions. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!”

The routes are not final, they may be subject to change for reasons beyond our control such as the weather.

The exact routes, with maps, will be revealed a few days before the event. However, a more general idea of the routes will be available closer to the event on our website.

Day 1 : Lundi 6 mars | Parc national Forillon
Discover Forillon National Park by taking the Mont St-Alban Loop, which begins in Petit Gaspé. This hike will allow you to reach the tower of Mont St Alban, where you can admire a 360 degree panorama of the park. You will take full the peepers.

Distance : 12 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 2 : Tuesday, March 7 | Le Rocher Percé
Head for the trails of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé, where you can admire the famous Rocher Percé. A day rich in colors and discoveries. With a stop at the unmissable Base Camp of the corner of the bench.

Distance : 8 ou 13 km
Carte en ligne 8 km / Fichier kml 8 km
Carte en ligne 13 km / Fichier kml 13 km

Day 3 : Wednesday, March 8 | Pointe-à-la-Renommée
Celebrate International Women’s Day by exploring the trails of northern Gaspésie, from the Pointe-à-la-Renommée Lighthouse to Anse-à-Valleau. You will discover a magnificent lighthouse and learn about its history, which brought to light exceptional women and their love for their piece of country.

Distance : 14 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 4 : Thursday, March 9 | Mont Porphyre Murdochville
A short trip to Murdochville to discover the magnificent mountains of the Chics Chocs. Loop hike to Porphyre Mount.

Distance : 9 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 5 : Friday, March 10 | Anse-au-griffon – Penouille – Gaspé
Head to the Anse-au-Griffon café to discover Remi Mont.
Distance : 9 ou 12 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

*The advertised routes are for information only, and may change throughout the week.

Day 1 : Monday, March 6 | Parc national Forillon
Let’s go on an adventure to the end of the world by taking the emblematic route of the magnificent Forillon Park – Cap Gaspé. Beginner in Petit Gaspé you may have the chance to see bears, moose… Who knows maybe whales? Till the end of the world…

Distance : 23 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 2 : Tuesday, March 7 | St-Georges de la Malbaie – Barachois
Explorations of the southern sector of Gaspésie towards Barachois, Percé. Ski on the longest beach in Gaspésie towards the Coin du Banc base camp and the magnificent Emerald River.

Boucle de 21 or 29 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 3 : Wednesday, March 8 | Anse-à-Valleau – Corte Réal
We change course and head towards the north side of Gaspésie, from St-Maurice-de-l’Échouerie to Corte-Real, passing through the plateaus, the sugar bush refuge to arrive at the interpretation site of the Micmacs.

Distance : 25 or 35 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 4 : Thursday, March 9 | Pudding Stone – Douglastown
A mountain jump on Mount Pudding Stone in the Douglastown outback. Enjoy a vertical drop of 500m and a breathtaking view of Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. A surprise awaits you when you arrive at Les Éclairs…

Distance : 35 or 41 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

Day 5 : Friday, March 10 | Anse-au-griffon – Penouille – Gaspé
To end this wonderful adventure, detour to the café de l’Anse in Anse-au-griffon and nothing less than the traditional course of the valley, the Portage, Penouille as well as the bay of Gaspé to the city center.

Distance 12 or 19 km | Carte en ligne / Fichier kml

*The advertised routes are for information only, and may change throughout the week.

« This had to be the coolest ski week on earth »
Tim Neville
The New York Times


With the pandemic related context from the last 2 years, our organization doesn’t have access to charter buses anymore. This is why we ask you to plan your transportation back and forth Gaspé on your own.

We encourage carpooling, and for this, we’ve created a Facebook page to ease the task for those wishing to choose that option. You can join the group by clicking on the icon below.


All accommodations are located downtown Gaspé.

Here are the links to find information on getting around in Gaspésie.

PASCAN Aviation
PAL Airlines
Orleans Express


All TDLG packages offer a complete service including :

  • 5 ski trails, snow packed most of the time, but not always, with all the logistic and security support needed.
  • 5 snowshoe trails, in a generally unpacked snow environment, supervised by tour guides
  • 6 nights.
  • All meals, including 6 diners with regional flavour.
  • Quality entertainment every night.
  • Medical resources, if needed.
  • And a lot more!


To register means to be in good shape, to get all the required equipment and to fully enjoy everything that the TDLG has to offer!



2 400 $

2 beds
1 room for 2
Private bathroom
Hotel or Motel



2 500 $

1 bed
1 room for 2
Private bathroom
Hotel or Motel



3 000 $

1 room for 1
Private bathroom
Hotel or Motel


No cancellation will be possible, except under force majeure circumstances, as an accident, severe disease or death. Please note that a cancellation fee of 250$ plus Paypal commission fees will be charged for any cancellation. No cancellation will be possible after February 1st 2023. Please contact you insurer to get information about a travel insurance.

Many resources are needed to organize this event and a certain percentage of the expenses related to the organization must be retained. Being a non-profit organization, the TLDG doesn’t have the resources to assume all financial risks.

Our rates don’t include transportation or extras.


With the post pandemic context, transportation for the 2023 winter edition is not offered. This means that you have to get to the different locations on your own. We let you choose your own means of travel. Please take note that public transportation only work into the cities in Gaspésie, while the TDLG mainly happens outside these cities. This is why we strongly recommend to use carpooling or to come with your personal car.

To simplify your task, a list of people interested in carpooling will be sent to you by email. You will find the names, phone numbers and cities of departure/return of the participants. It is also possible to organize your carpooling by using a Facebook group, indicated in the Transportation section.

« La TDLG, c’est plus qu’un défi sportif, c’est un poème aux parfums salins, une tirade de crevasses et d’escarpements, une envolée d’embruns, que dis-je, c’est une aventure au cœur de l’humain. »
Geneviève Lefebvre
Réalisatrice, traductrice, autrice et scénariste

En direct ou presque....

Live TDLG allows you to get backstage, through daily short videos. Highlights of our days, be a part of the adventure too!

Meanwhile, relive the best moments of our last 2020 TDLG winter edition.


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